The first thing I’ll say about coronavirus for those that have it is welcome to the life of a coma victim. Doctors talk of brain defects resulting from the virus, loss of taste and smell, which are typical defects from coma. And the isolation through social distancing.

We needed a human reboot because of global warming. Coronavirus has provided that and proven that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Like the Spanish Flu early in the 20th century Coronavirus has taken many lives but it has also proven we can change. Maybe we’ll choose to focus on life itself and take steps to save the planet.

Solitude has changed us, perhaps we will develop a new way of life through social distancing. The virus is also crippling financial markets, we might need to look past money. Perhaps we will realise we don’t need money, a human invention for exchange. We do need to share but who owns? Coronavirus is made worse because today we are global. Let’s stop the transmission by social distancing and keep in touch using social media.

Evolution occurs when we are forced to change, the virus is changing us. There are reports of people being able to see the Himalayas again in India because of the decrease in pollution. Perhaps we needed coronavirus.

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With many deaths, lost jobs and financial problems resulting from the virus, Covid-19 presents more evidence that we need new systems for society. Perhaps something like the Venus Project without money. A non financial civilization where humans share their resources and skills not for profit.

If implemented the Venus Project would offer meaning beyond personal wealth.  Most of us try to help others, let’s do so with purpose, collectively. My only problem with the Venue Project is that it expresses excessive certainty, scientific and social. Humans are immersed in doubt, it is the human condition. Sure we can be certain about facts, but we also live in opinion when considering the unknown and the social. The projects ideals are persuasive, we could live like that in the modern world with AI, but the Venus Project also makes many judgements about all facets of life, belief. It takes the human out of being human, I would worry about becoming a robot.

We have become money, it drives us at every turn. Even our morality is governed by it. I think the concept of money was required to build our civilization but perhaps now we can move past self interest. Evolve into a new system beyond the industrial age, it is after all the information age.

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