Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest in the world. Wikipedia suggests that they’ve existed for at least 65,000 years. That’s a fair bit longer than the ancient Greeks. I feel there is much to learn from Aborigines. After the stolen generation and many years without their natural liberty, like New Zealand and the Maoris I think Australia should reconcile with them. They have a good understanding of the Australian climate and a relationship with the land. Ownership isn’t their focus, the invention and effects of money are western. Walking the land they sense their ancestry, they live history we record it. For them the past and present somehow coexist, today our science suggests time doesn’t exist.

During their 65,000 years the most recent occupiers of their land judge them as inferior for they are without science. Scientific rationalism is the current western dogma. Sure it’s been successful in our manipulation of the material world but is it truly human? Perhaps in some ways scientific rationalism is outside the human condition. Maybe it’s non biological and better suited to AI. Maybe in the world of Artificial Intelligence Aborigines will be regarded as truly human. Will we be intellectually inferior to AI super intelligence? Maybe when we become inferior we will establish a lasting union with the Aborigines.


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