I lost consciousness again, surgery. Before I thought to try and see what happens to it having investigated after coma. The general anaesthetic was a knock out. That’s right, I just had an operation, my confusion was short lived. After coma to this day the confusion remains. There was brain damage, I still can’t remember how to walk properly, I had to be told what happened, zero recollection. Coma meant loss of consciousness for 3 months, some memories did return later. After 4 years I visually remembered crashing a motorcycle, that memory took a long time coming. Was memory the issue, or belief. Anyway I think coma proved the contiguous non material existence of consciousness. You might say those memories were stored in my physical brain the same as for surgery but they don’t know how neural activity in the brain produces consciousness. How are memories stored in matter? Coma is brain death but I did survive it.

To have become me again says quite a lot, my unique consciousness persists despite coma. Some theorists speculate consciousness is the source of the material world. Our science is limited to human perception, and doesn’t account for everything. We don’t know what we don’t know. We are most interested in the material world but know consciousness exists. We don’t give it any weight in our theories of everything but for perception it is everything.

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