Religion exists in every culture; Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, the list goes on. Even primitive cultures had beliefs, all humanity. If nothing else religion demonstrates the human desire for goodness. Unquestionably good and evil exist in the world of consciousness, and act out in reality. For many people belief has changed from religion to science, the scaffolding of consciousness. Belief is core to the human condition, we all want the truth. Good and evil are two fundamental elements of consciousness, the non-material world. To that end science has proven that matter requires perception to exist, the double slit experiment. It cannot be questioned that consciousness exists, you. Humans mostly try to be good, some knowingly perpetrate evil. Religion was the first human belief to acknowledge and promote the good. Most people aspire to help rather than harm, to be good. All religions identify prophets and spiritual leaders that at the very least exist in consciousness. To experience the good you must be aware of it, your consciousness can choose. Indeed the experience of good is preferred by most. To humanise the good we must try to be good, it’s a conscious act.    



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