My name is Mathew Homberger, an identical twin born in Melbourne Australia of German descent, the one on the right in the photo below. I studied at the University of Melbourne taking Anthropology and Philosophy as my majors. Afterwards a post graduate diploma in Information Technology at RMIT. I have worked and lived in several countries. I now live with my wife in Singapore, she helps me no end. I have travelled quite extensively, my passport says 56 countries. I was in Thailand on Kho Chang when I had a motorcycle accident. I believe that I am the same person despite coma although I suspect the world changed very much while I was out. Thank you kindly for reading my story.

And I thought I could only speak German when I first became conscious. I did live there for a while and have visited many times. My memory was greatly effected. I now write and speak English and only know a little German, mein deutsch geht noch nicht. This website has been written over several years, there are many posts that explore and described my condition. It seems that very slowly I am recovering from this ordeal. If you are recovering from coma or know someone that is I hope these ideas can help. It seems to take the brain a very long time to approach normality again. What is normal? I have always worked on my normalisation.

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  1. indeed the power of love keeps us going, my walking isn’t getting much better in my eyes, you would probably think it is much better given I can walk now…

  2. Mathew , hope your walking will become better and eventually you will be walking again normally .We love you very much, and are looking forward to your visit. in väterlicher Liebe Dein Vater und Deine Mutter..

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