News services of late have reported an increase in suicide, we are becoming more aware of mental health. On CNN it was suggested a reason for this increase was communication, “suffer in silence” they said.

The western world has always been individualistic. Identity was established in Human Intelligence by ancient Greek philosophy and so privacy was created. As a consequence we regard some ideas as private, “suffer in silence”. To share this suffering might require a change in Human Intelligence, a move past identity. We have so many ways to communicate these days, you can be very expressive and not remain silent.

If considering suicide try communication, discuss your problems with anyone for a different perspective. Someone you trust or a complete stranger. Life itself is pretty amazing, even hardship can reveal things about existence. Perhaps hardship reveals more about your existence, discuss.


Humanity might evolve through our creation of Artificial Intelligence. Physically we evolved from amoeba. Intellectually we evolved when ancient Greek philosophers established identity. Their use of the word ‘gnosis’ recognised the individual, it translates I know, the ‘I’ becoming a cornerstone of Human Intelligence.

Crypto-Currency might also provoke evolution towards a better mode of exchange, perhaps effort. Money is such an abstraction, how much do you earn? Rather are you happy? Sure we needed money as incentive to evolve to this point but I think we can go beyond industrial age man, or information age human. Artificial Intelligence could provide for all our physical needs, humanoid robots.

Perhaps inter-planetary human is next as we colonise Mars? That’s if we can evolve beyond amoeba and survive global warming.


Artificial Intelligence offers us the opportunity to focus on human experience, robots could take care of all physical needs. Things like growing food or building houses might be done by robots. We could become absorbed by very human interests like love, science, the arts, music, painting, literature, space and poetry. Things that are truly human as AI afford us the time when robots do the mundane work. We could use AI to manage civilization. Imagination separates us from AI and might become our focus.